Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A day in the life

Jake turned 5 weeks yesterday! I can't believe it has already been that long! He looks so different now and is really starting to fill out! He is still in newborn clothes and doesn't fit into hardly any of his 0-3 month clothes :( He is long and lean!!! I swear all baby clothes are short and they have a Baby Big and Tall clothing line??? Cause at the rate he is going I might need something like that :)

Good news is that he is on a schedule and has been since day 1...for the most part...and doing great! His acid reflux/colic is under control thanks to Colic Calm look it up! It has worked wonders for him! There are a few side affects to it ie. super messy (its black because of the charcoal) and it results in explosive black poop but I don't care I will take black poop over a screaming colicky baby anyday!

I can already tell that he is a creature of habit and the few times we have detoured from the schedule he showed us how much he did not appreacite it! We tried having people over a few times and both times he freaked out and screamed all night. He's not use to being passed around and it was loud in the house and he did not like it one bit!! So note to Mom and Dad..NO MORE least for now!

Yesterday I took him out in public for the first time...just to the bridal salon to watch Amanda try on a few wedding dresses..btw she found THE ONE and she is going to be the most beautiful bride! Anyways he was an angel and I have figured out that the car/carseat is his happy place so if all else fails and we can't get him to stop crying we put him in the car and drive around and he is out like a light! We even put him in his carseat in the house when he is fussy and he loves it! He hates the swing we have and the little lamb chair vibrates and he hates that as well he is much happier either sitting in his carseat or laying on his back staring at the wall or lights :) So here is our schedule..I say "our" as it's just as much my schedule as it is him schedule:

12 am
Nurse, burp, change,rock and put back down to sleep

3 am
Nurse, burp, change,rock and put back down to sleep

6 am
Bottle feed, burp, change,rock and put back down to sleep-sometimes he is is awake and doesn't want to go back down so Kev will put him on his activity mat, or put him back in his crib and put music on and he just lays there and looks around and usually puts himself back to sleep

Nurse, burp, change and then get him ready for the day, then we play for awhile ( I try to keep him up for at least 30 minutes if not longer, sometimes he stays up for an hour) then if he hasen't gone back to sleep I rock him and he goes back down for 1-1 1/2 hour until next feeding

Nurse, burp, change, waketime/playtime, then nap until next feeding

Nurse, burp, change, waketime/playtime/go on a walk etc, then nap until next feeding

Bath time and get him ready and changed for bed

Nurse, burp, change, then we usually put him in his lamb chair and not do anything really "active"with him and we keep things calm and not to loud. However, this is also when he gets fussy sometimes and cries..usually right when we are trying to eat dinner :) So sometimes he doesn't sleep until the 9 feeding and he just stays up the whole time. Sometimes I feed him at 8:30 pm depending on his mood. Sometimes he is really hungry at this time so I feed him early.

Swaddle, nurse, burp, change, rock and put down to sleep

Sounds a little like Groundhogs Day..huh?? There is usually multiple diaper changes and clothing changes in between all of this...he has peed out of his diaper a lot lately!! Another note to self..point the pee pee down Ashley!!!

All in all we are getting the hang of this and I am sleeping about 6-8 hrs every night..not in a row but still that's some good sleep and everyday is better then the last.

He is my angel :)

Again, no pics, they don't do him justice anyways he is much cuter in person :) But when I have sometime later today I will post some.