Friday, October 1, 2010

Where did the last 8 months go??

I know everyone told me and I don't think I truly believed it until I had Jake. Time FLIES when you have a child! What a whirlwind the last 8 months have been!! Is it bad that I already have a slight case, emphasis on slight, of baby fever?? Why you ask?? Because Jake is no longer my small little sweet boy...he is now my 20 lb nearing 21-22 lbs big, still sweet, boy. Jake is changing everyday and keeping Kevin and I on our toes. NOthing is more special then wathcing the world through his eyes. I swear we can sit and watch him for hours! Here is what he is up to these days:

-20 lbs
-Eating an 8oz bottle every 4 hours with solids at lunch and dinner
-Holding his own bottle-so proud of him but sad that I don't have to hold the bottle anymore
-Has 3 teeth-2 on the bottom and 1 on the top-which I finally got a good look at and it's not the middle top tooth but the one next to it so he might have a snaggle tooth grin for a bit but he's so cute it won't matter!
-CRAWLING-wow he is in to everything!!!! We had to put all of my knick-knacks in the garage cause I was sick of putting them on the kitchen table. Our house is going to look pretty bare soon cause my plants are about to go as well since he loves pulling the leaves off and eating them.
-Sleeping from 7pm-7am-if we let him
-Happy as can be and so "easy"...literally he goes to anyone and is just sweet and happy all the time..unless another pesky tooth is coming in...there was a time when I didn't think these days would ever come
-Starting to pull up on his crib-which reminds me we need to lower the mattress
-Saying Dada!!!! That is the sweetest sound ever! We are working on Mama/Mommy and everyday I work on it with him and everyday he looks at me and says Dada. Oh well he can call me Dada all day long if he wants!

Here are a few downsides to him crawling...I have to clean the floor ALL.THE.TIME. Have I mentioned how much I hate cleaning the floors?? But nothing is worse then him crawling over to me and him turning over his sweet little hand and seeing dirt...yuck! I was talking to my mom about it and she is a clean FREAK! We were those kids that had to make our beds everyday no matter what and Sunday was always cleaning day. Mom actually told me she was never like that until she had kids...and now I understand why. He will put anything in his mouth including and not limited to-dust bunnies that reside in the corners of my living room and kitchen, checks for his tuition, his Daddy's flip flops (he likes to lick the bottom of those) so nasty, any paper product, and many other things, So needless to say we are working on being a clean as possible.

Ok well I gotta run..gonna go watch Jake jump in the Jumparoo...that kids can jump for hours! I'm still waiting for him to throw up!