Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where does the time go?

Hello friends! My it has been awhile! To be completely honest blogging has been at the bottom of my list of things to do and my sister has pointed it out every day when she checks to see if I have updated my blog. Sorry Mikah! Well life has gotten more interesting and I am loving every minute of it. After many long discussions with the hubby we decided that me going back to work would be the best thing for our family at this time. It was a hard decision but I knew I needed to do it. So as soon as we decided I started looking and a job pretty much fell in my lap! I had talked to my now boss when I was pregnant and told him my situation and that I understood if he needed to hire someone immediately, which he did, but he said to call him and check in when I was ready to go back to work to see if there were any positions available. Well the day I finally decided to follow up with him was my lucky day as the person he hired for the original position didn’t work out and he needed someone ASAP! So I started the following Friday and I love it! Lucky me! I was happy and sad at the same time. As soon as I got the offer I started panicking thinking about who would watch Jake. He was only 8 weeks at the time and too young to go to daycare, in my opinion, so my wonderful mother offered to take care of Jake. It has worked out perfectly and has made the transition of me going back to work so much easier. I cried the first day but everyday gets easier! She is so amazing with him and has so much patience and is so in love with him...we are so lucky to have her!

Because I went back to work I made the incredibly hard decision to stop breastfeeding. Again I cried and agonized about it but starting a new job that didn’t really allow me to pump 3 times a day..I probably could have but I sit in a cube in a very open office and we have no private bathrooms! Kevin said I should just pump in the parking lot..good idea babe but no thank you! In the beginning I wasn't the biggest fan of bf but after we got into a routine I fell in love with it and so did Jake which made the decision that much harder. But after asking fellow mommy friends about formula I got the overwhelming response that Good Start was the way to go. I am pleased to say that he is doing great on it we couldn't be happier. Wait we could be happier if formula was free but we all know that will never happen so I will settle for a happy and poopy baby :)

Jake is changing by the second and growing like a weed. He is so juicy and cute...I just want to eat him! At his 2 month appointment he weighed 10 lbs 11 oz and was 22 inches long. Now that he is almost 12 weeks...I can't believe it...he is probably pushing 14 lbs and my mom measured him the other day and he is 24 inches long! He has really turned a corner these last few weeks and it so much happier and content. It's probably because of the fact that he is on formula now. My Mom and I were talking and we both think that the reason he was so fussy for the first 8 weeks was because he wasn't getting enough milk when I was nursing him. I really think the formula coats his tummy better and not only makes him a happier baby but makes him sleep longer. He now goes down about 8 pm, wakes up 1 time..if he wakes up at all, then Kev gets him up for his first bottle between 5:30 and 6 am if he doesn't wake up on his own. I still wake up multiple times thinking that I hear him but sure enough he is still asleep..gotta love the video monitor!

I finally have some pictures to post. I swear Jake is the cutest kid and pictures don't do his justice :)

I have much more to post about in the next few weeks! 2 of my best friends and my sister are having their babies and we are all counting down the days!

Life is wonderful....

P.S. Is there an easier way and better way to upload pictures???