Monday, February 4, 2013

Jake's 3rd Birthday Party

**Since Klusman wrote such a great blog about Jake's birthday party I thought I would just "borrow" it. I always know I can count on Klussy to take great pics at any occasion and then immediately blog about it! We had a great weekend celebrating the birthday boy and I am worn out! Now I need to start planning Hudson's 1st birthday :)

Jake's 3rd Birthday

Today we went to Jake's 3rd Birthday party. I can't believe he's already 3 years old - 3 sounds so OLD! He had a transformer birthday party at an indoor playground at a church. I helped Sloan make the invitation and learned everything there is to know about specific transformers when I was searching the Internet for an image. I'd pick an image and Sloan would say, can you find one of Optimus Prime? So then I would have to google who that even was! Grayson's not really into any of those boy shows yet which I know he will be soon. So for right now, I enjoy being able to sit down next to him and watch Sophia and we sing "We're having a roy-al sleep-over a roy-al sleep-over!"

Lewis Family! Sloan wanted a family picture and I had to promise Jake a birthday present to get him to take a picture. Good thing I was prepared!

Hudson on the move

Blake and Grayson

Suzi trying to help me get a smile out of Reese. I think we actually made Brian come over so we could get her to smile. She ALWAYS smiles at her daddy.

Presley and Carsyn

Carsyn and Camdyn in pigtails.

Cutting Jake's transformer cookie cake

Blake rock climbing

Grayson hanging on this monkey bar that slides and wouldn't let go.

Fake pouting (and trying not to laugh)

The Carter's last day as a family of 3. We can't wait to meet Ryan tomorrow!

Me and Sloan. 20 years of friendship - LOVE this girl!

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