Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

I wish that the title actually matched how Jake's first Christmas performance went but sadly it was not. It was more like "The Typical First Christmas Performance/Don't Worry Mom and Dad You Didn't Miss Out On Anything" type of performance. I asked Jake for weeks to sing to me the songs he was singing in his Christmas play and of course he refused. But I would hear him singing to himself here and there. Jake basically stood on stage next to his favorite teacher, Ms. Dawn, and looked around with one finger in his mouth and the other in his shirt. He looked so cute and was all "dressed up" in a button down shirt and since I never dress him in a button up he felt the need to have his hand in his shirt all day. Oh well at least it wasn't in his pants, right? So his performance was a bust but his Christmas party was great! I was in charge of it with another mom and I thought everything turned out perfect. I was super stressed up until the party cause I took it upon myself to actually get crafty; I find myself crafting more and more these days; and make ornaments with all of the kids pictures on them. They turned out so cute!! I will say that having the party at 1:45pm was not the best idea. They had to be woken up from their nap so they were all groggy and one little girl slept through the whole party.

All of the sweet kids in his class

The other mom that helped has a monogram business so she monogrammed each stocking

His sweet class

Again not in the mood for pictures

The best gift I will receive this Christmas! These are the real presents that I will remember forever

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