Saturday, December 22, 2012

They say it's your birthday

"They say it's your's my birthday too"..Kevin can literally sing that song to his sister and it be true. He and his oldest sister Vicki have the same birthday. I will state for the record that his birth certificate and every official document says his birthday is 12/6/1977 but according to his whole family and to his mother who gave birth to him say that his actual birthday is really 12/7/1977. Who am I to tell them that that makes no sense but he has celebrated his birthday on the 7th his whole life so I go with it. This year he turned 35 and is lucky cause he doesn't look at day over 25. I wanted to make him feel special since he has always had to share the spotlight on what is supposed to be his special day. Jakey woke him up and took him all his gifts, well Jake opened all of his gifts and took them to him, then he sang happy birthday to him. We practiced for weeks and he did awesome! He gets his voice from his Daddy..thank goodness!
Kev has wanted a shotgun forever so I got him a gift card to Bass Pro so we loaded up the car and out we went. 3 hours later he got his gun. Note to self...don't go with Kevin the next time he wants to get a gun or needs to talk to someone at the gun counter. Luckily there is a ton of stuff for kids to do there especially since its Christmas so Jake was ok for the first hour and a half but after that not so much. 
He would have stood at that train table for hours
The birthday boy and Huddy
Kev and Vicki
Happy Birthday LOML
Papa Jon and his friend Nan
Jakey and cousin Tessa
Happy Birthday Kevin we love you!

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